My name is Ashley Hemingsen.

I have Filled my Frame with the beauty of God’s design. I draw from Him the inspiration to create a life of love and joy!

I am a young mom of two kid-lets with a supportive coolio husband. I LOVE ART! Drawing, crafts and the like. I want to share and learn with all you! I have a dream to retell the bible with words and pictures that young girls want to read (while staying true to the Word) and find interesting enough to come back!

I am part of a youth ministry program at my church (Riverside Assemblies of God) where I help teach a growing group of 9-12 year old girls. I have a passion for helping them see how beautiful they are, inside and out, and show them how to love themselves and enjoy this time of their lives! I also wanted to create a safe, silly place on the internet where girls could go and be inspired to create and grow into the wonderful women they are meant to be!